Sunday, 30 October 2011

What a week!

The past 10 days have been incredibly chaotic having spent time in 3 states; New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. At least I now have 6 more days in Tasmania to relax.

On the last full day of Occupy Sydney a protestor blows bubbles in Martin Place, Sydney.
Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II visits Federation Square in Melbourne.

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II waves at the crowds as she departs Government House.

British Actor, Author, Playwright, Journalist, Comedian and
host of Television show QI speaks a function in Melbourne.

It's hard not to take an interest in landscapes in Tasmania,
certainly proving to be a good trip!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

CSI: Sydney

For the past few days I have been back up in Sydney having recently finished university for the year. Whilst here I have found myself at a lot of news events, primarily crime scenes in the wee hours of the night. The following diptychs were taken at several different incidents, details of each can be found in the captions.

Click images for a larger view

A Probationary Constable maintains a road block as a Forensic Technician combs
 for evidence at the scene of a fatal shooting in Maroubra. 21/10/2011.
Police secure the scene for evidence after a "glassing" attack directly outside their
station opposite Sydney Town Hall. 22/10/2011
Police detain a youth on Reservoir Street in Surry Hills after being led on a pursuit which resulted
in their police vehicle loosing control and colliding with the front of a residence. 22/10/2011.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

15/10/2011 - Occupy Melbourne

On the same mission as protestors in New York and many other cities around the world protestors today filled City Square in Melbourne and judging by their organisation they are committed to staying for at the very least for the rest of the weekend. While passing through the city today I stopped by for about 15 minutes in a break in the rain to make a few images.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Weekly Photo - 09/10/2011 "Dodge"

I know I have said I wouldn't post university work on here however as it is all I have photographed lately I have no other option. With my documentary project due in under 2 weeks I spent some more time with Dodge to photograph him driving his ute, I'm still not sure which I prefer so please let me know which you all prefer by email or in the comments.