Monday, 29 August 2011

Weekly Photo - 28/08/11 "She's My Ute"

This weekend I began my second semester documentary project for university, the exact story has not quiet been worked out but it will revolve around the Ute Culture in Regional Australia, most likely following one particular ute owner and the events this weekend proved to be a great starting point. 

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"She's My Ute"
Dodge & his ute
Barrel Racing, Effectively doing figure 8's around a set of 3 barrels.
Riding shotgun with David in the "Red Belly Black Ute"
  Dodge's girlfriend Kylie celebrates after placing in the Victorian Circlework Championships in Tatura,  It was her first time competing.
Perhaps I may find country music more enjoyable with a sign on my head whilst holding a boob shaped stress ball?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekly Photo - 21/08/11 "Bikes on Beach Street"

With the clouds lifting again today resulting in a beautiful afternoon I decided to make my way down to Port Melbourne to find a moment for this weeks blog post. As the sun was just about to dip bellow the horizon I came across the cycle path, to prevent cyclists staring down the lens I; set my exposure, prefocused, lowered the camera to my hip, and fired off a few frames as the bikes went past.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekly Photo - 14/08/11 "Tears & Cheers on the Yarra"

This week I will share photos from two very different situations both within a few hundred metres of each other. Despite that fact that I believe that we as Australians place too much emphasis on the achievement of our nations sporting elite I decided on Friday to go up to Federation Square and photograph the welcoming home of Australia's first Tour de France winner Cadel Evans.

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Sadly the next day only a few hundred metres away on the bank of the Yarra a Korean National studying in Australia died while trying to swim across the Yarra in part of what is believed to be a dare. I happened to be in the area so snapped off a few frames and made the front page of for the second time.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekly Photo - 01/08/11 "Roll on Summer"

With Monday marking exactly 3 months until the first day of Summer here in Australia I was delighted on Saturday when through the clouds and drizzle of a Melbourne winter I saw a lovely moment of golden light, albeit brief it was a welcome peek in to the future.

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Golden light shines over Kings Way in Melbourne, taken through my kitchen window.