Saturday, 25 December 2010

10 From 10 - My Favorite Images from 2010

Well there has to be a first post. So i decided what better what to bring 2010 to a close then with a run down of my Favorite (I find "best images" is way to subjective, favorite is just about me!) 10 images from 2010. In what i, so originally, call "10 from 10"

Since my blog revolves around self assigned shoots i will not include images shot with University course work in mind, for that reason this post will mainly feature images from the beginning and end of the year, something i hope to curb with this blog and force myself to shoot more stuff for ME.

In early February i traveled to far north/western (Bourke, Menindee, Wilcannia, Broken Hill and Silverton)  NSW to shoot the flooding of the Murray/Darling River System in areas where many children had never seen water flow.

During the 2010 Melbourne Grand Prix i was afforded an eye level view of the RAAF Roulettes from Balcony during a trial run, all subsequent fly-overs where either too high or too low.

Pallbearers reflected in the glass of the hearse at the funeral of NSW Police Detective Constable William Crews.

6th Alarm Factory Fire in Smithfield NSW.

Deni Ute Muster. A 2 day festival for 'ute' owners and lovers in south western NSW. Such a fun weekend deserves 2 of 10 (Well it really deserves all 10 but thats a bit unfair!)

Deni Again!

On my way to Europe, where i am now, i stopped in Beijing for 3 days, enough time to visit some amazing place and to give me a burning desire to return! On the last few hours of my last day i went against all advise and went to the Great Wall of China (Everyone said i wouldn't have time) It was possibly the best decision i have made on this holiday so far!

Whilst in London i caught some of the student riots over the increase in tuition fees. Whilst there are plenty of images i would love to post here, and the decision is so hard, i have chosen to post two from different protests on the same subject.

First up was taken on November 24th on Whitehall.

Another London Riot, this time in Parliament Square a protestor throws a cement block onto a burning Portakabin.


While a bit lost away from the main attractions of Paris i came across this busker, whose name i can't recall, I just love his pose playing off the image on the wall behind him.

Thanks for looking and i look forward to posting more fresh images each and every week!

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