Thursday, 3 February 2011

This Month in Photos - January

I know its a few days late however i have finally found the time to post what will be the first of a monthly feature. This month marked the end of my travels during university holidays. In January I have spent time in 3 Countries and 4 Cities, this post includes images from to reflect that.

January 1st - New Years Day

January 10th - A days fly in trip to Washington DC

January 12th - Navigating the Manhattan Sludge

January 15th - Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal

January 15th - Happy Cabby, Penn Stn New York

January 27th - Hazard Reduction Burns in Sydney

Thanks for looking and bring on February!!


  1. Angus you're work is amazing!!

  2. Thanks Ava! Hope the weather has settled down a bit up there?

  3. Why do i not feature in the top photograph, I believe i was there...... lol. awesome photos bro