Monday, 11 July 2011

Only a few months late!!

Over the Easter break from University my family and some close friends went to Eupi Island in the Solomons for a SCUBA Trip, I promised these photos a long time ago but simply forgot so here they are.

As many of you know I like to include statistics of my trip wherever possible.
15 = The number of dives over the week
764 = The number of minutes spent underwater at a depth deeper then 5m

354.7 = Combined depth of all dives
23.6 = Average depth in metres of each dive
30.1 = Depth of the deepest dive
7.9 = Depth of the shallowest dive
26.7 = Average temperature in Degrees Celsius at the deepest point of each dive
30 = The temperature in Degrees Celcius of the warmest dive, also happened to be the deepest

Click images for a larger view

Divers prepare their equipment on the way to a dive site.
Black Tip Reef Shark
Dad on his iPad... In the only spot with WiFi access!!
Can't remember what we where looking at here but everyone looks interested!
A normal Crab
A Coconut Crab
A fantastic musical instrument. 
A child from a near by island.

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