Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ragged Old Flag

Everywhere you drive in this country you encounter houses and cars adorned with pristine flags. People here just love to have old glory waving out on their front porch or off the back of their vehicle. I have been looking for a tattered flag and it has taken me most of my trip to find one! This star spangled banner was raised next to the gate of a rural property on a highway somewhere near the Utah-Arizona border. 

List of States Visited (To Date, In Order):
• New York
• New Jersey
• Pennsylvania 
• Delaware
• Maryland
• Washington, DC
• Virginia
• North Carolina
• Tennessee
• Arkansas
• Mississippi 
• Louisiana
• Texas
• New Mexico
• Colorado (for all of 5 minutes)
• Arizona
• Nevada
• California
• Utah
• Idaho
• Wyoming

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