Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekly Photos - 10/04/2011 "Church of the Latter Day GEEK"

Today was the the first service for the Church of the Latter Day Geek, an idea started by Adam Hills and the crew on Adam Hills on Gordon Street Tonight (ABC every Wednesday at 8:30pm) to poke a laugh at audience member, Buffy fan and church minister of the Romsey Uniting Church, Reverend Dr. Avril Hannah-Jones.

Avril not only laughed along with the rest of the audience but she also put the joke back on Adam Hills by starting the service which is expected now to become an annual event. The church was much like any other, except with more pop culture references and fancy dress! For something different I decided to mount my GoPro HD Camera to my shoulder having it take a photo every two seconds, producing the short time lapse video below the pictures.

On Saturday I spent the day at Melbourne Showgrounds photographing attendees of the pop culture expo, Supanova, there will be a blog post from that around mid week.

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The time lapse can also be viewed on YouTube at

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  1. would have been better to take stills than fuzzy stuff