Saturday, 25 June 2011

Six Days in London

Having recently spent 6 days in London, and having promised it in my last post, I have decided to do a bit of a wrap up of images shot in the six days.

Click image for a larger view

Only hours after landing I headed down to Westminster, no wasting time!
More Westminster...
A juggler practicing her craft at Marble Arch.
Feeding the pigeons at Marble Arch
In a rare moment of sunshine a Taxi passes Marble Arch.
Trek all the way to Buckingham Palace only to find out Changing of the Guards was canceled.
A guard in his sentry box.
A bit closer in...
The Selfridges building on Oxford Street.
Downing Street. Not often do i prefer a Hipstamatic photo over one from my dSLR,
I suppose the unobtrusiveness of the iPhone helped here.
Tower Bridge, taken only 16 hours before leaving London.

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