Friday, 3 June 2011

Vale Sergeant Brett Wood

Today Sydney stopped for the funeral of Australian commando Sgt Brett Wood who was killed by a roadside bomb last month in Afghanistan. Due to operational requirements and at the request of the Australian Defense Force the faces of his fellow commandos are obscured. 

I know I missed a couple of weekly photo posts however as it was the last few weeks of the university semester I had very little time to shoot let alone update the blog. The weekly updates will start again on Sunday however I found the funeral of an Australian Soldier too important to wait for the weekend to post.

Click image for a larger view

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard & Defense Minister Stephen Smith

A guard of honour as the body of slain commando Sgt Brett Wood
is carried in to St Andrews Cathedral

A NSW Police Officer holds a program bearing the face of Sgt Brett Wood
while standing guard at the hearse.

Australian Commandos outside St Andrews Cathedral

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  1. cool stuff man. i think its kinda funny that you made a big deal about the White House photos being obscured...and here you are obscuring the faces of the people in these photos...of course it was by a government agency...but still...