Monday, 12 September 2011

9/12/2011 (Part B) - "Never Forget"

Today was my first opportunity to visit the newly opened World Trade Centre memorial in New York, a moment I was very much looking forward to however was highly concerned it would become the next destination for tourists to have their picture taken in front of. Thankfully when I arrived at 5PM for one of my reserved time slots I found the vast majority of visitors did not even carry a camera, they simply wanted to attend and pay their respects to friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers who died in New York, Shanksville and Washington DC 9/11/01 as well as the victims of the 26/2/1993 attacks on the World Trade Towers. I look forward to returning over the next few days to experience some more time on the memorial site and hopefully come away with some more images.

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