Tuesday, 27 September 2011

9/26/2011 - "Taking a Break"

Surprisingly this is another one of those photos that resulted in a brief encounter with the NYPD which whilst I understand they are on high security alert I found included one of the most bizarre exchanges of dialogue I have ever had with police.

After standing around for about 15 minutes waiting to have an uninterrupted view across the road I took a short burst of pictures and walked off until shortly later two undercover officers confront me to explain that the builders did not like being photographed and that I would have to give my details and potentially delete the images. After several moments chatting I enquired "But have I done anything wrong that really requires police action?" to which the officer replied "That is not the point sir..."

I sure hope I'm not the only confused one here as I believe that to be the only point to being stopped, questioned and asked to delete photos by the police! Anyhow enjoy my image of several construction workers who appear completely undisturbed by my presence...

Construction workers who don't seem to mind being photographed

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