Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekly Photo - 06/03/2011 "Light, Camera, Action!"

Anyway on Monday I got back to Melbourne eager and ready for action in the first week of second year studying a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, having arrived from Sydney's glorious temperatures and sunny days I was shocked to be confronted by several days of thick low lying cloud which was less then inspiring looking through my course content thinking "How could I possibly make good pictures with this light?"

Whilst sitting on the couch sheltering from the rain and watching an old recorded episode of "Storm Chaser's" I was suddenly blinded by the sun shining through the balcony windows, moments later I snapped this, just incase it didn't show again... 


  1. See i eveidentally follow closely as I am first to comment on this pick. But i am still waiting for you to follow my blog :(. Oh and what a great shot!

  2. you don't even know the link?. I am shocked.