Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekly Photo - 21/03/2011 "Royal Visit"

I am glad to see that my Sunday post was missed by many of you and I hope to make it up with this, albeit a day late.

Today His Royal Highness, Prince William of Wales KG spent the afternoon touring flood ravaged parts of north western Victoria... So naturally I decided to go too.

In the last 14 hours I;
• Drove over 630km (390 Miles)
• Went through only 1 tank of petrol
• Made 586 Images
• Spent more time standing and waiting then I did driving or photographing
• Spent that time wisely chatting to some great local, interstate and foreign media
• Was messages by 2 people who saw me on live news broadcasts
• Most importantly had a great time!!

As always simply click the pictures for a larger view


  1. he wants to throw the ball at you lol. good shots you got pretty close

  2. Pity you had your could have been fun to play the game with him!
    Great picture