Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekly Photo - 13/03/2011 "Untitled"

First of all I would just like to update you on a few changes to the blog. After discussions with several people I have decided that after just one month to suspend my "This Month in Photos" posts, this is simply due to the fact that I'm currently not shooting enough variety of subjects in a month that are month specific to warrant such posts, instead I will be posting occasional posts to show on work I am producing for personal, university or client shoots which obviously cannot be used for my weekly photo from week to week.

This past week I have been constantly running around getting everything I need for university and basically just settling in for second year, for that reason I have not had much opportunity to shoot for myself. This weekend I have been in Sydney minding my cats while my parents are away so I seized the moment of peace and quiet to shoot for this blog.

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